AGM/Special meeting October 20, 2019

Our Club meeting on Sunday, October 20, 2019, was well attended. Thanks to everyone ! Special thanks to our founding member Richard Strang for his input and help. Richard is an honourable member of the club. Some new ‘stuff’ happened. We put a new membership in place. The ‘WORRY-FREE MEMBERSHIP‘. More about on our ‘membership‘ section. We voted in our new board of directors and officers: Marlene Gavel (President), Joe McGillivray (Vice President), Bridget Benz (Treasurer/Advertisement), Brittany Denny (Membership/Social media), Charlie Joe (Course Coordinator), Steven Gavel, Jordan Gavel, Richard E. Strang, John Cann and Howard Jeddore. We discussed some future events and going back soon into indoor shooting at the Southend Community Centre. Please check our facebook page for detailed information.