Fall Classics 2020


Our first BTA event ‘Cape Breton Fall Classics’!
Thanks to all the volunteers, Curry’s construction, CBRM, Richard Strang…and every one of you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ❤️ We rocked !!!
I could not have done this without you . Thanks to the best club ever.
Marlene (President of BTA)
After double-checking all scores of both rounds please find the final BTA Fall Classics Results here…Video coming soon!
Stay tuned!
Fall Classics group 2020


⇒ Having fun is allowed (includes laughter)

⇒ You have to know the lyrics of the song ‘George of the Jungle’ and have to sing the ‘short’ version of the song as soon as your arrow hit a tree:

♦  George, George, George of the Jungle, Watch out for that tree!  ♦

⇒ If a double ten is shot, a ‘HUU-HUU’ must be called out loud for other shooters to hear.

⇒ Don’t hurt Charlie, even when he is (sometimes) not behaving well.

⇒ Don’t shoot the squirrels

⇒ Don’t break wind unless your down wind