COVID protocol for INDOOR shooting

COVID-19 protocol for the winter season, Southend Community Centre Starting Sunday, December 6.

  • Because of the COVID situation, the indoor shooting is for BTA members only (sport bubble) until further notice.

  • Please wear a mask when entering the building.
  • When entering the Gym (BTA shooting) you have to sign in with your name and phone number and sign a waiver.

    Some restrictions for sports and arts and culture organizations will be eased starting Jan. 25. Changes include:

    • sports teams can start playing games, but spectators are not permitted and there can be no games or tournaments involving teams that would not regularly play against each other
    • non-team sports can also resume competition, but without spectators and only among competitors who would regularly compete against each other
    • the limit for sports practices, training and games and arts and culture rehearsals and classes will return to 50
    • arts and culture performances can only be virtual and cannot have in-person spectators
    • Gathering limit without social distancing for participants and officials in organized performing arts and sports – participants and officials in performing arts and sports (recreational, amateur and professional) can gather in groups of up to 50 people without social distancing for practices, rehearsals and regular local and regional competitions, games, tournaments and performances (performances can only be virtual); in-person spectators are not permitted.
  • Please feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Other than this – enjoy and have fun by shooting some arrows

Please find our Safety rules for indoor shooting HERE!

Regular Indoor shooting is Sunday’s from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm starting December 13.
No new members or ‘Try-Archery’ until further notice.

BTArchers on Tour in Moncton

BTArchers have been on tour again 🙂 @ Trudy and Bob’s in New Brunswick ‘The Glades’.
As always we had a lot of fun and great shooting. The weather was outstanding…

Trudy Dryden

@ September 6 at 10:59 PM  · We had a great time hosting the trad shoot on Sept 5th. Weatherwise we could not have asked for a better day. We had archers come from northern NB, PEI and the far reaches of NS. Special thanks to Joe Macholl from Breton Traditional Archery Club for taking the photos; to Dorothy Best (from Two Island Traditional Archery) and Eugene LaPlante for donating door prizes; and to Jennifer Clarke for designing the new logo for the Glades Traditional Archery Club.

Please find the scores HERE.

Club Shooting August 2020

What a nice summer day for shooting in the woods.
13 shooters had a lot of fun…our group was with the photographer 🙂 Thanks to Laurie

Frozen Finger Shoot Feb 2020

Congratulations to our club members Marlene Gavel (First place) and Bridget Benz (second place).

77 total Archers were at the shoot of which “35” were traditional equipment! The Glooscap Heritage Archers putting on such a wonderful event year after year!

AGM/Special meeting October 20, 2019

Our Club meeting on Sunday, October 20, 2019, was well attended. Thanks to everyone ! Special thanks to our founding member Richard Strang for his input and help. Richard is an honourable member of the club. Some new ‘stuff’ happened. We put a new membership in place. The ‘WORRY-FREE MEMBERSHIP‘. More about on our ‘membership‘ section. We voted in our new board of directors and officers: Marlene Gavel (President), Joe McGillivray (Vice President), Bridget Benz (Treasurer/Advertisement), Brittany Denny (Membership/Social media), Charlie Joe (Course Coordinator), Steven Gavel, Jordan Gavel, Richard E. Strang, John Cann and Howard Jeddore. We discussed some future events and going back soon into indoor shooting at the Southend Community Centre. Please check our facebook page for detailed information.