TAANS 2021 in Parrsboro

TAANS has partnered with Down by the Bay Traditional Archery Club in Parrsboro NS for
a two-day shoot on August 14 and Aug 15.

Nine members of BTA (Joe, Booth, John, Shauntelle, Bridget, Ian, Charlie, Marlene and our Girl Friday, Karen were on the road again.

Two different courses awaited us to shoot. Two rounds (40 targets, 2 arrows, 2 days) makes 160 arrows.
Due to the weather (beautiful summer over 30 degrees celsius) the Saturday shoot was a challenge for all of the participants. Water was the most important thing to have which was provided by the DBTB team.

On Saturday afternoon there was a Fun Shoot prior to a Potluck supper also provided by the DBTB team for anyone that would like to join in on the feast. All needed to bring was a hungry belly and a chair to sit on.  It was so delicious.

Back to the Fun Shoot – the legendary milk jug shoot.

Milk Jug Fun Shoot 🙂

Among the top ten in their respective groups were:

Female: Marlene Gavel 3rd place; Bridget Benz 4th place; Shauntelle Mombourquette 6th place;
Male: John Cann 3rd place; Joe McGilivary 4th place.
Volunteer of the day: Karen Cann

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the BTArchers!
A BIG THANK YOU to the team of DBTB! BTA is looking forward to next year.

Please find below the results of the TAANS shoot. Click the download button below to download the results.

Click on the picture to enlarge