2021 Nova Scotia 3-D Outdoor Championships

The provincial championships this year were hosted by the Glooscap Heritage Archers Association in Windsor NS.

Gloosecap, already known by some BTA members for its famous Frozen Finger Shoot, why not go to the provincials?

No sooner said than done. Six members (4 shooters, a lovely girl to get us organized and Booth) hit the road for Windsor. The weather was gorgeous.

It was a one-day event by shooting two rounds of 20 targets but only one arrow per target. It was a challenge and a lot of fun.

All four BTArchers won a medal 🙂 John first, JoeMc third, Shauntelle second, Bridget second, in each of their divisions.


Left to right: JoeMcGillivary, Bridget Benz, John D Cann, Karen Cann, Shauntelle Mombourquette.

The event was well organized. A BIG Thank You to Gary Oickle for all his work, help and support. It was a great event.