Picnic Table

With our membership growing, BTA asked Ian MacKinnon for a picnic table.
Guess what happened – we got two wonderful tables! 🙂

A BIG THANK YOU to our member Ian MacKinnon and his business partner (MacIan) for this gracious donation.


The second BTA ‘Fall Classics’ tournament took place on Sunday, September 19, 2021.
40 archers were registered. 30 archers showed up, 29 were competing at the event.

The weather didn’t look good. The pouring rain the night before the event caused the outdoor tents to collapse. Repairs had to be done in the morning of the tournament, which was mastered excellently.
By the time the registration was done and the groups were all put together: it was still raining.
No worries – as we Cape Bretoners say: If you don’t like the weather – wait 15 minutes 🙂
And off we go, into the woods….

Two courses were set up with 20 targets each. One course had to be done in the morning, the other one in the afternoon. And guess what happened? At approx. target number 5, the rain stopped for the rest of the day. Thanks again to the CBI weather dynamic.

During the lunch break, the shooters could prove their skills by shooting through an opening on a moving target. All participants had a lot of fun and laughter. The winner after the shoot-off was John Cann.
See one of the shooters, Ian MacKinnon, in action here.

BTA is proud to announce that mostly all of our members were participating in the event, eight of our members won a medal.

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all participants supporting our sport! Some had to drive for more than 8 hours, some didn’t know what to expect or started archery just a few weeks ago and again: the weather didn’t cooperate the night before and in the morning. Well done!

Last, but not least another big ‘THANK YOU’ to the volunteers, scorers, Hartmut for the sausages and everyone who helped to get this shoot up and running. Great work!

Trudy Dryden introduced the

To promote traditional archery, the traditional archery community in the Maritime Provinces has introduced the Maritime Traditional Archery Cup.
In order to qualify, starting in 2021 a traditional archer must shoot 3 days if there are 5 days of shooting and 4 days if there are more than 5 days of shooting of any traditional only archery tournaments in the Maritime Provinces.
The highest combined score of any 3 or 4 days of tournaments in each of the adult divisions of recurve, longbow and primitive (female and male) will be declared the winners and those names will be engraved on the trophy. If an archer shoots all the tournaments, then he/she will submit his/her best-combined score of any 3 or 4 days of tournaments.
 In memory, the traditional archers who have passed away and who have shot at the traditional only tournaments in the Maritime Provinces will be engraved on the trophy.

The winners in 2021 are:
Female Recurve: Trudy Dryden; Male Recurve: John Cann; Male Longbow: David Legacy

Click on the picture to enlarge

Please find below the results of the Fall Classics 2021.

The Glades & The Shebib Shoot

Two shooting events were taking place at the Labour Day Weekend.
One was in Moncton at Trudy and Bob’s ‘The Glades’ archery club.
Unfortunately to the latest border restrictions between NS and NB some of our BTA members were not able to attend the shoot.

The Glades

At least, one member of our club made his way to Moncton to represent our club.
Congratulation to John for his 1st place in his category!

Shebib Shoot

Eight members of BTA attended the Francis Shebib memorial shoot which took place right around the corner in Frenchvale at the Cape Breton Bowmen Associaton club.
Congratulations to our members:

Recurve male:
– 1st place: Clint Sampson 315/316 Total 631
– 3rd place: Ian MacKinnon 241/244 Total 485

Longbow male:
– 1st place: Thomas Engelhardt 286/250 Total 536
– 2nd place: Bernie MacLellan 246/247 Total 493
– 3rd place: Joe McGillivary 249/236 Total 485

Recurve Female:
– 1st place: Bridget Benz 267/276 Total 543
– 2nd place: Petra Engelhardt 254/225 Total 479

Cub age 14 or less:
– 2nd place: Jacob Richardson 227/208 Total 435
Special Congratulations to Jacob. He just started Archery in May this year (!!) at our club.
He has been coached by John Cann (club coach) and as you can see Jacob is a quick learner.
Keep it up, Jacob!

A big ‘Thank You’ as well to our ‘scoring girls’ Laurie MacKinnon, Jody Richardson and Elsie MacKinnon.