BTA Club Update (Covid)

Update April 29, 2021

Update April 26, 2021

Dear members and friends of Breton Traditional Archers

It’s been a long winter, we are ready to head back into the woods.
Both shooting courses are set up and we have 7 new wonderful targets.

Although we had hoped to be able to welcome new members, the resent spike in cases in our area has caused restrictions to be put in place.

BTA Members can still practice up to 25 people, protocols will be followed.
Please bring your own hand sanitzer.

We will be shooting Wednesday evenings 6:00 pm and Sundays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Hope to see you soon.
A special thank you to all those who helped get the courses ready.
To Bridget for making our new sign, and providing us with yummy treats, the work crew thanks you.

NO new members and spectators allowed at this point.


We had and still have a lot of inquires from people who would like to try archery.
Thanks to all of you who reached out to BTA and want to try this wonderful sport.

Although we’re not allowed to have new members on the course right now, please feel free to register as a new archer at BTA.
Please contact John via phone @ 902-371- 4718 or by email at
John will answer your questions and keep you up-to-date.

Also, check our webpage and Facebook page for updates and news.

The new sign on our property…

BTA will have once a month a ‘fun day’ with different kind of scoring in place.

Let’s do what we love to do!
Stay safe and we will see one another at the club. ..

Traditional Archery rocks!

President Marlene Gavel and the BTA team

2021 Garnet Dodge / George Ackroyd Memorial 3-D Shoot in Gloosecap

BTA on tour again.

Eleven members of BTA were heading out to the 2021 Garnet Dodge / George Ackroyd Memorial 3-D Shoot in Gloosecap, Windsor on Sunday April 18.

Some of you already know Gloosecap for it’s famous ‘Frozen Finger Shoot’ which is taking place every year at the end of February. Unfortunately this year the shoot was cancelled just two days before the event because of COVID.

So here we go again. Second try and off to Windsor.

Although the weather wasn’t very inviting, BTA had a lot of fun. This time we didn’t have to skate on ice or snow – we were a kind of mud pilots.

Unfortunately some people didn’t use their ‘auto pilot’ and fell. Thank god no serious injuries.

71 shooters attended the shoot. 50% were traditional shooters. YEAH! Traditional is becoming more and more popular again. Good news. Of course Robin Hood is still alive in our heads.

BTArchers did great.

Senior class female: Second place (same result) for Shauntelle Mombourquette and Laurie MacKinnon. Third place Hannah Stockley.

Master class female: First place Marlene Gavel and second place Bridget Benz.

The winner of the Trophy for the Highest single round in a Traditional Class went to John Cann. John is also the winner of his class with a total score of 681. WOAH!

Congratulations to everyone. BTA is so proud of its members.

Keep up the good team spirit…

John Cann
John Cann. The winner of the Trophy for the Highest single round in a Traditional Class