‘Gettin’ back to Basics’

Traditional Archery

Welcome to BT Archers on beautiful
Cape Breton Island


‘Trad’ Archery is all about having fun, getting back to archery’s roots and challenging your archery skills.
Whether you are fascinated with history, entranced by the legend of Robin Hood, or simply want the challenge of shooting without a sight or other modern adaptations, traditional archery might be the right fit for you.

Want to try archery?

Please let Marlene (902-577-7104) know ahead of time if you don’t have your own equipment.

Because of the COVID situation, the indoor shooting is for BTA members only (sports bubble) until further notice.

No new members or ‘Try-Archery’ until further notice.

Archery – simplified!

Who we are

BT Archers was formed in 2002. Founding member Richard Strang is an honourable member of the club.

Where we are

We are situated on a large tract of land Northeast of East Bay, about 10 minutes from Sydney.


To become a member at Breton Traditional Archers is easy!